Female Omega - 3  Soft Gel Capsules

Female Omega - 3 Soft Gel Capsules

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Feminat, Omega-3, Bioprostol

Natural female hormones or phytoestrogens.

Phytoestrogens are non-steroidal chemical compounds contained in large quantities in soybeans and aguaje. They are very important during a woman’s pre- and postmenopausal phase, during which absence of estrogens causes a series of adverse effects. Likewise, in cases where one or both ovaries have been removed and the body does not produce enough estrogens, it is necessary to supplement the diet with this product.

The estrogenic activity of AGUAJE + SOYBEAN stimulates breast growth, since the preparation presents effects that are similar to those of the female hormone estrogen, with which it shares similar chemical compounds.

SACHA INCHI OMEGA-3 (Inca peanuts) is an essential fatty acid not produced by our bodies. However, we need to consume it on a daily basis in order to stay healthy and conserve high physical and mental performance.

This oil, which contains no less than 47% of OMEGA-3, is considered the best plant source for OMEGA-3. It also contains natural preservatives and antioxidants that make it stable and durable without any use of synthetic or artificial chemical products.

BLAMAC offers sachainchi omega 3 in vegetarian soft gel caps ,produced from seaweed,whose presentation meets the world’s strictest quality standards and the hygiene standards common in the food industry.