Control D - 100% Organic Blood Sugar Regulator

Control D - 100% Organic Blood Sugar Regulator

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What is Yacon?

Yacon is loaded with Glucose. it is an essential component to keep the human body in proper health. The glucose present in yacon Root helps in regulating all the liver functions in the body and also prevents it from functioning abnormally as well.

Researches have also shown that consumption of Yacon root has been beneficial in preventing fat accumulation in the liver while maintaining optimal liver health too.

The reason so many people around the world have begun to use Yacon so often is due to its anti-hyperglycemic effects. The fructooligosaccharides in Yacon mean that the body doesn't absorb any simple sugars; in fact, it lowers the amount of glucose production in the liver and causes a shift to lower fasting glucose rates.

This is very important for people suffering from Diabetes. Researchers are also being done on Yacon's potential to increase insulin sensitivity in the body, yet another beneficial aspect for diabetics or for people at risk of developing the disease. 


What is Artichoke?

Artichoke contains Fructan a type of soluble fiber that can help increase the number of probiotic bacteria in the digestive tract while slowing the blood sugar spikes. A study found that the fructans found in artichokes did not spike the blood glucose levels and insulin levels when compares to fructose. 


Artichokes may act as a cholagogue to enhance the production of bile. Bile helps the digestion of lipids within the small intestine. 



Various studies support Alfalfa's effectiveness in decreasing blood sugar levels. Alfalfa lowers the blood sugar levels by increasing the release of insulin from the pancreas.


How Do We Capture These Nutrients?

While most other companies spray their products with maltodextrin to make them taste better and superficially increase other marketable aspects, destruction to the plant's enzyme occurs reducing its effectiveness and nutrient value.


The powder we retain within out capsules are sourced from full-grown Aguaje trees and are acquired when the fruit itself has fully ripened. This guarantees the full nutrient spectrum within the fruit. The fruit is then:

Dried at low temperatures, Ground into a powder and Packaged within our fully edible capsules to maintain its enzyme structure and nutrient value.