BioDefense - All Natural Superfruit Based Immune System Enhancer

BioDefense - All Natural Superfruit Based Immune System Enhancer

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What is Graviola?

This very sweet tasting tropical superfruit originates in South America. The Graviola is an excellent source of both vitamins B1, B2, & Vitamin C. The Graviola tree has long been used for medicinal purposes including its Bark, Roots, Stems, Leaves, & Fruit.

The chemical compounds within the fruit have been studied to effectively prevent Anxiety, Depression, Cancer, Herpes, Parasites, & Viruses

Scientists have concluded that the highly effective compounds found within the Graviola plant can even combat the most drug-resistant cancer cells and as an added benefit not only does it kill the cancer cells it does so without interfering with or damaging the healthy ones. 


What Are The Additional Health Benefits?

Graviola fruit has been known for the following health benefits: 

  • Breastfeeding mothers who eat the fruit help to increase the supply of their breast milk
  • Helps with regular bowel movements
  • Has a variety of nutrients
  • Juice from the fruit is often used as a diuretic


How Do We Capture These Nutrients?

While most other companies spray their products with maltodextrin to make them taste better and superficially increase other marketable aspects, destruction to the plant's enzyme occurs reducing its effectiveness and nutrient value.


The powder we retain within out capsules are sourced from full-grown Aguaje trees and are acquired when the fruit itself has fully ripened. This guarantees the full nutrient spectrum within the fruit. The fruit is then:

Dried at low temperatures, Ground into a powder and Packaged within our fully edible capsules to maintain its enzyme structure and nutrient value.